Letter of Reference

The Artists' Union of Moldova is extremely proud to have had collaborated in the past and to continue to work with an exceptional artist, Nikolai Ischimji, a member of the Architects' Union of Moldova. Mr. Ischimji continuously takes part in various statewide as well as international exhibitions, organized by the Artists' Union and the Department of Cultural Affairs of Moldova.

Mr. Ischimji's art is full of sincerity and transparency. His creations presently reside in state art collections as well as private collections, inside the country and abroad. Mr. Ischimji has long ago proved to be a true artist, full of energy and creative imagination.

By participating in our capital's artistic movement and by creating the sculptural expositoin “Rugina & Co.”, Mr. Ischimji is one of the actual artists, who contributed immensely to the organization of the open artistic space, located on 3-A Ghidighici Str., Chişinău. Mr. Ischimji is still busy with its artistic development to this day. We are truly blessed to still have an opportunity to observe and absorb everything that “Rugina & Co.” has to offer.

It is a great pity to see Mr. Ischimji deal with such serious obstacles regarding his art studio. We truly believe in a speedy and positive resolution of all the persisting problems.

Jalobă Ghenadie
Jalobă Ghenadie
President of the Artists' Union of Moldova

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