Institute of Cultural Heritage ASM about “Rugina”

The Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Cultural Heritage has taken into consideration the Association’s appeal regarding the circumstances surrounding the art studios of Mr. N. Ischimji and Mr. V. Moshkov, located on the territory of the park, at Ghidighici St., 3.

Indeed, the sculptures represent a form of underground art, an artistic challenge to the molds of “social realism”. Without a doubt, the sculptures are of unquestionable artistic value. We support the Association’s recommendation to bestow this sculptural park a special status to help some day become a sightseeing destination for both, Chişinăuans and tourists alike. The above proposition will require some financial support.

Unfortunately, our Institute is not legally competent to accomplish the above proposition. The competence required to do so belongs to the proper departments within the Mayor’s Office and the Department of Cultural Affairs/Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova.

What we can do is facilitate all the possible support necessary for establishing such a unique territory, so valuable for our nation’s art and culture.

Aurelian Dănilă
Aurelian Dănilă
Ph. D.
Director, Institute of Cultural Heritage

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