Response from the Mayor's Office

# 06-106/4027 July 6, 2011 (Response)
# 1114-514 June 21, 2011 (Initial Petition)

To: The Municipal Dept. of Cultural Affairs of RM
To: Mr. Andrew Khokhlov

The Office of the Mayor of Chişinău has received and reviewed the petition from the Globline Association, regarding the current situation of the sculptural exposition Rugina & Co. / Secolul XX, located at Ghidighici st. 3, with the proposition to grant the exposition and all its sculptures, created by V. Moshkov and N. Ischimji, the official status.

Due to the complexity of the problems, described in the petition, we believe it is advisable to form an interdepartmental committee, headed by the Dept. of Cultural Affairs of RM, whose final report will serve as a basis for a necessary decision, substantiated by points of view of construction and architecture, art, as well as legal.

Nistor Grozavu

V. Modîrcă
tel. 22-81-10

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