Response of the Department of Cultural Affairs

Department of Cultural Affairs of RM

Nr. 03-09/1816 June 30, 2011 (reply)
Nr. 1114-514 June 21, 2011 (initial petition)

To: Mr. Andrew Khokhlov

Responding to your inquiry about the fate of the sculptures of European significance, Purgatory, Priest, etc., the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Republic of Moldova is pleased to support the idea of having an open sculptural park at the present location of the sculptural exposition Rugina & Co.

However, only the Mayor’s Office has the official power to allocate the land with the purpose of creating a sculptural park.

Therefore, the only viable solution for this problem seems to be the following: via the direct order from RM government to form an interdepartmental committee, comprising of the representatives from the Mayor’s Office, the Dept. of Cultural Affairs RM, the Dept. of Tourism, the Parliamentary Committee on Culture and Education, the Academy of Sciences, non-profit organizations, such as the Artists’ Union, the Architects’ Union, the RM Architects’ Association, and lastly, various modern art experts.

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