We urgently need your help
in saving “Rugina”
an outstanding piece of contemporary
Moldovan art – from demolition!

“Rugina” by Nicolai Ischimji and Valerii Moshkov is a unique public sculptural complex located in the area of the Sculeni Lake in Chişinău. It has greatly contributed to Moldova’s gaining reputation of a creatively adequate and well-developed space and becoming one of the most intellectually impressive in the landscape of the contemporary art. For many years, it has been developing and gaining an additional dimension as an integral part of N. Ischimji's project “XX century – Globeline”.

Please, watch this footage aired in a TV program (6 min.), to see Rugina yourself and support our united efforts to save this outstanding piece of art from destruction by signing the petition.

Rugina-Globline lives and takes its developement in the multimedia space in various forms including, but not limited to this (6 minutes):

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